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Yo what's up? I made this to document my boring life and cope with it. I also just really dig the late 90s early 00s vibe this gives off

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10/18/20 - Touche amore - Lament review

I Always was hearing praise about Touche Amore but I never took the time to listen to them until now. Genuinely pretty upset about not checking them out earlier. I was a really big fan of the slightly high pitched, yet not too high emotional vocals which i felt really complemented the music on this album. While the lyrics on this album are pretty good for the most part and can sometimes be kind of poetic, they can also be "Fake deep" which is something that I feel a lot of Post-hardcore bands suffer from. This didn't let me down and was pretty solid.


2/1/21 - ミラクルミュージカル - Hawaii: Part II

There was a time not super long ago where I was basically addicted to this band called tally hall. I would listen to their 2 albums nonstop for months. I thought they were a band whose members did nothing else in music, but upon finding out about this, I was wrong. I was blown away by its super awesome mix of Art Pop. Progressive pop and Baroque pop and its cryptic lyrics and I even thought this was better than tally hall and give it a 5/5. Despite this, I didn't really listen to this all that much and eventually stopped listening entirely (much like tally hall). But recently, I came back to this hoping to see if it still holds up. It doesn't. It's full of so many half baked ideas that shoot everywhere and only sometimes land well. I think this will be the only time I ever downgrade a score this much

(9/23/2020) Original Rating: 5/5 (2/1/2021) New rating: 2.5/5

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